We have come to a point where we must move the clinic from our current location in Cap Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city. We have been located in the Ft St Michel area and are firmly attached to the community, and they are to us. With no other viable alternative, a local resident donated a piece of land that will yield 3,500 sq. ft. usable space. For the price of the food we fed them, the residents cleared the existing building. The next step, submission of desired features by a Haitian engineer. These were presented to a stateside architect familiar with building in Haiti and experienced with building on an earthquake fault. These plans have been completed and a local Haitian contractor, who has built for us before, bid it out. At the time of the bid the exchange rate from US $ to Htg yielded a $450,000 cost. Ouch. Currently the exchange rate yields a total price of $320,000. This is only valid if the cost of materials has not gone up, the builder will stand by his estimate. We will build in at least two phases. The first (1st Floor) will produce a functioning clinic which includes an operation room and patient rooms, at a cost of $170,000. This is a poor section of town and as an added perk to the community, local labor will be used. For the plumbing, electric and cabinetry we will use students that graduated from the Central Plateau Scholarship Program (A program initially funded by members of Orchard Park Presbyterian Church) So far we have gotten all this done with virtually no cost. Now we need to put this all to good use.