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     Update on Haiti
April 5, 2024
With the installation of the doors and windows this month, the building project will be complete. While we continue to serve those in Cap Haitien and the Northeastern mountains we are concerned with the safety of our patients and staff due to the dangerous instability in the south. We are safe today, but that could change in a minute.


Pro-Famille Clinique is a 24-7 health center in

Cap-Haitien, with a mobile clinic in Mombin Crochu

The health center is currently staffed entirely by volunteer doctors and nurses. Through donations from our supporters, we have been able to pay them a small stipend yearly. All medication we use is purchased with donations and through the small revenue generated from patient fees. Our neighborhood community has been very receptive to our help and is eager to see the programs develop.


On top of this, we have been providing assessment, care, and medication to remote areas of Mombin Crochu through weekly mobile clinics since 2013.

I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

is to provide healthcare to the underserved and impoverished of Haiti.

We are very dedicated to the care of our patients!


I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
EDUcation & training

Because of your kindness >


empower behavior and action change through Health Education and Training in the communities we serve. Training includes Basic Life Support (BLS), Prenatal & Postnatal Health Education for mothers, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Malnutrition and more.

We bring awareness,


Because of your kindness >


is unique, in that we seek to serve our community by treating them physically through medicine; and spiritually through ministry with the local church. The spiritual ministry strives to assist with their needs and goals, in carrying out the Great Commission.

Our Dual purpose mission


Because of your kindness >


Because of your kindness and generous donations, Pro-Famille Clinique has been providing the people of Cap-Haitien and Mombin Crochu with exceptional healthcare services since 2013. Our medical professionals collaborate to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses.

You make the 


We are constantly striving to serve the people of Haiti in every way that we know how. Whether that be medically or in the word of the Lord. People from multiple gospels have taken their time to spread the love to those who may not yet have heard God's word and need the feeling of love and understanding that comes with his word. 


I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

Thank you for your support


We are truly blessed. We hope you will continue to support the clinics which serves more than a thousand patients a month. More than 95% of current donations go toward operating the clinic and updating the current electrical solar panel system. The other less than 5% goes towards fees to wire money to the clinic in Haiti, the clinic website, Newsletters, Communications with Haiti, and shipping medical supplies to Haiti. There has been a sudden increase in Cholera patients. The clinic is working hard to stop the rapid local spread and keep it from becoming a widespread outbreak.

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