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I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess






We provide low cost services to the residents. Patients who face financial barriers receive complimentary care. Our patients have access to dental and medical health services which includes emergency care, laboratory examinations, health education and more. Our health care clinic is led by 15 professionals with an unwavering determination to change and save lives in Cap-Haitien and the surrounding areas. 



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1 Doctor/Director

2 Additional Doctors

4 Nurses

1 Administrator

1 Secretary

1 Lab Technician

1 Health Worker

2 Watchmen

2 Households


Our Clinic!

I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

1350+ Patients seen monthly/ consultations provided

Our donations provide care, pay for medications, medical supplies, rent, utilities, and a small medical staff stipend.

___# People seen for Malnutrition

Every Friday we host a clinic on Malnutrition where women and children are able to come and learn about nutrition and receive a Nutrition "Power Pack".

When people come to the clinic, most people are diagnosed with one of the following:

  • Malnutrition

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Women's health

  • STI's

  • Other various illnesses

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Patients who

face financial barriers receive

FREE care!

In 2019, We were able to treat 2,631 people for FREE thanks to generous donations.

I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

Thank You for Your Support


We are truly blessed. We hope you will continue to support the clinics which serves more than a thousand patients a month. More than 95% of current donations go toward operating the clinic and updating the current electrical solar panel system. The other less than 5% goes towards fees to wire money to the clinic in Haiti, the clinic website, Newsletters, Communications with Haiti, and shipping medical supplies to Haiti. There has been a sudden increase in Cholera patients. The clinic is working hard to stop the rapid local spread and keep it from becoming a widespread outbreak.

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