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I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess




I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess
I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

Dr. RENAUD Gerve

Renaud Gerve grew up in the countryside that Haitiens call Mombin. The oldest of seven children, four brothers and two sisters. 


I did my Primary school at ECole Dieu seul Maitre De Mombin Crochu, my secondary school at Nouveau college du Cap Haitian and graduated from Medical school at Universidad Technologica de Santiago ( UTESA ).


After graduating in the Dominican Republic, I came back to Haiti to do my social service to get my license. After attaining my license, I started with Mobile clinic. The reason why I started with mobile clinic, was in part due to something that happened with my grandmother. When I was younger she was not able to get care after we walked hours to the nearest hospital, only to find out that there were no doctors or nurses there. Often times, older people and children walk 3 or 4 hours to come to the  town to seek health care. Many die of stroke. After my social services were done, I continued with the mobile clinic to decrease the totality of strokes.

As I did my Secondary school in Cap-Haitien in 2013  I came to my wife and classmates with the question - how we can help  more  patients? Because at night where we live in Fort St Michel the neighbors always came to my wife when they children were sick and needed to seek health care.

The Doctors and Nurses collaborated and we now have Pro Famille Clinique. 

I am happily married to Roudelyne Mompremier.


I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess


Roudelyne Mompremier

JAMES Don fleuradin



Roselyne Des ravines

(Not Pictured)


Becky Atz grew up in Southport, IN and became a Registered Nurse,with experience in Cardiac Care, Cardiac Recovery and Post-Partum Recovery.


She has worked in Haiti since 1997, with Medical Benevolence Foundation, Covenant Hospital Network, the Christian School of New Vision and the Mobile Clinic around Mombin Crochu, now, Pro-Famille Clinique Fondation, for which she is currently President of the US board.


She has additional mission experience in Mexico, and directs a local program to create birthing kits for midwives in Haiti. She is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church USA and a charter and current member of Orchard Park Presbyterian Church (Founded in 1956).


She is married to Al Atz and they have 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. They live in Noblesville, IN




Al Atz grew up in Philadelphia, did a stint in the Marine Corps, which included a tour in Vietnam. He received a BS in Economics from the Wharton School, U of PA and worked 32 years for IRS.


His mission involvement includes Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Mexico and Haiti, as well as local missions. He is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church USA and a 30 year member of the Mission Committee at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. He has led their participation in Haitian projects since 1995, which include, the Medical Benevolence Foundation, Covenant Hospital Network, The Christian School of New Vision, Central Plateau Scholarship Program and the Mobile Clinic around Mombin Crochu, now Pro-Famille Clinique Fondation.


He’s married to Becky. They have 6 children, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. They live in Noblesville, IN


I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess

Dave Magner



My first mission trip to Haiti was in the summer of 2010, shortly after the earthquake. 


I served on the board of another mission group for several years, and established a working relationship with Dr. Gerve through them.  Eventually, I strengthened my relationship with Dr. Gerve, and joined the board of Pro-Famille Clinic. 


Since then, I have been to Haiti several times with PFC.  Some of the time, I was involved with maintenance and repairs on generators, pumps, and electrical service to the Cap-Haitian clinic.  I have also enjoyed working with several teams, traveling to Mombin Crochu for participation in mobile clinics, with Dr. Gerve, across the countryside. 


At times, I have also been able to work with a local church in Mombin, while planning for leadership and doctrinal training, VBS, and evangelism.

I'm an online health coach, IFBB profess


Marcia Fisher

Marcia Fisher is married with 3 sons, 5 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild. Education: Chemical Engineer from University of Tennessee. Work: Prepared safety documents for Department of Energy nuclear facilities around the US. Retired. Joys: Family, cooking for church Wednesday night suppers (missing this activity during COVID). 


I first went to Haiti in1995 to help paint the hospital in Mombin Crochu and have worked on various projects over the years. I retired in 2001 and started volunteer service in earnest. I serve on the board for Little Children of the World, chair the Central Plateau Scholarship Program and serve on the Pro Famille Clinque board. I have been a volunteer and board member for a national suicide prevention hotline, Contact Care, since 1975. I also work through my church with the homeless and refugee resettlement.

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Thank You for Your Support


We are truly blessed. We hope you will continue to support the clinics which serves more than a thousand patients a month. More than 95% of current donations go toward operating the clinic and updating the current electrical solar panel system. The other less than 5% goes towards fees to wire money to the clinic in Haiti, the clinic website, Newsletters, Communications with Haiti, and shipping medical supplies to Haiti. There has been a sudden increase in Cholera patients. The clinic is working hard to stop the rapid local spread and keep it from becoming a widespread outbreak.

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